Power To The Pedal

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by Clement Eloy
Co-authors: William Boullier, Yoann Nicoli, Cindy Messelier, Romain Delattre

How to develop the bike use by night and by day? How to be sure you're safe?
Bikelite is made of 3 parts : front lights, rear lights and a power system.
The 3 key words of this product are : safety, economy and ecology.
The Bikelite groups a light with an anti-theft device. Once unlocked, the bike lights up automatically with front and rear lights. To switch off the lights, the user has to lock the anti-theft device. When someone uses his bike, he can’t forget to switch on the lights.
For an optimal visibility, there are 2 front lights and 2 flashing rear lights (on the anti-theft device). These 4 lights works with LEDs (better visibility and lifetime than classic lights, LEDs need less energy to work).
The front lights fixation and the mix of rear lights with an anti-theft device are the best ways to stop lights theft when the bike is parked.
The 2 front lights can be adapted on many handle shapes thanks to a rubber fixation.
Economy, ecology :
The power used is the magnetic induction which is placed under the saddle. 2 springs increase the magnet which oscillates with every tiny movement of the bike. This system inspired by some flashlights is optimal because there is no friction (no like on a dynamo).
The system do not use disposable batteries. That way the biker do not worry about the energy consumption (that’s why it is possible to switch on the lights all day long).
A battery, recharged during the ride, keeps electricity and delivers it to the front and rear lights. This system allows the biker to stop a time during the ride and to keep on being lit up.

The lights and magnetic induction system can be installed by the bike manufacturer or sold as an accessory.