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Absorbent Vest

by Sathvik

This concept is directed at tackling the issues of cycling to and from work daily - specifically sanitation. Background research indicated that a primary concern for people who partake in the daily commute find the build up of sweat problematic - often requiring the additional effort of carrying a change of clothes and/or showering upon getting to the office. The absorbent vest tactfully addresses the problem by eliminating the need for such measures. It is made from material similar to Dri-Fit, a fabric developed by Nike that absorbs sweat and keeps the contact surface cool and dry. Emphasis is placed on easy removeability in an effort to economize on time during the morning rush. Furthermore, given the sensitive nature of the subject matter, the vest has been developed following a somewhat minimal design aesthetic, innovating primarily in its application of materials and simple mechanisms. These mechanisms were selected through prototyping and testing of various connectors in the given context, and would most likely be manufactured as injection molded recyclable plastic parts. Lastly, the absorbent vest is accompanied with a lined carry case that attaches to standard bicycle racks. In order to avoid disposable solutions (though potentially more sanitary/convenient), the carry case and vest would both be machine washable and may simply be tossed in with other laundry.