Power To The Pedal

Competition Details


by Rachel Bjarnason

Velomode makes cycle commuting accessible in any outfit, regardless of the weather. Many people would like to bicycle commute, but find it difficult because they arrive at there destinations disheveled from weather, exertion and have no where to change out of bike clothes. Velomode is a poncho designed to be comfortable and stylish enough to wear around town, yet is made to protect the cyclist from rain, wind and cold. The poncho drapes around the bicycle creating a small tent like shape around the wearer. Mitts sewn inside not only keep the hands warm but secure the jacket to the bike with out any cumbersome attachments. While wearing the mitts and holding the handle bars the wearer is enclosed and protected from the elements as soon as the bars are released Velomode becomes a functional fashion piece that can be worn around town. A folded band at the hem of the garment catches water running off the poncho and channels it to the rear where it can drain. This keeps water from running off the upper body and soaking the lower body. Velomode has a helmet compatible hood with a visor to keep rain out of the eyes. It also has a high collar to protect the face from wind and rain. Venting under the back yoke allows the wearers body to breathe and cool down if physically exerted. Reflective graphics add detail and interest, but more importantly they add an element of safety making the wearer more visible at night. Velomode is constructed of a natural environmentally friendly material called Cocona which is made from recycled coconut shells.