Power To The Pedal

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work bike bag

by marconik

Go to work by bike everyday? Why not!
It’s cheap, faster, ecological and healthy.
Of course, traffic and pollution exist but still there are more benefit riding a bicycle than driving a car. So why am I not doing it yet? From this question I started my project.
I came up with a bike handbag. The work bike bag is designed to be used with bike: it’s fixed directly on the saddle and when the bicycle is used it makes the rider safe, because he is free to move with no weight at the side or at the back.
Once you’re arrived you can lock the bike and bring the handbag off, simply opening the lever the saddle.
Actually, the saddle is fixed to the bag in order to not be stolen or not be left under the rain or dust.
The shape of the handbag is classical and it’s made up of two main pockets. This V system is useful especially for those bikes without mudguard.
Work bike bag has a tail light built in and solutions for holding biker equipment to better improve the raider’ safety (space for helmet, pocket for locks, raincoat) .
The product is thought to be a removable part of the bike and an everyday handbag that assures protection and comfort, in order to use the bicycle a primary means of transport.