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Bike To Bike Transport Vehicle

by Scott Sullivan

Many poor communities of this world have very basic transportation, usually nothing more advanced than simple bicycles and are usually located in very remote regions. This unfortunate combination makes transporting basic necessities, such as food, firewood, and water very tricky and inefficient. We in the US take the use of our cars and buses for granted, as we quickly drive 10 miles to buy a Coke. It is not uncommon for people of these remote regions to walk for miles just to collect basic supplies, such as water, only to have to return to their village carrying the extra weight burden.

A variety of baskets and racks are available for attachment to a single bike, but owing to their relatively high mounting location, the high center of gravity of a carried load often causes the rider too much difficulty in traversing relatively rough terrain, which of course is common in remote areas.

Since bicycles are available in these remote and struggling regions, I propose providing a simple device that allows locals to quickly and easily combine two bicycles to each other, side by side in such a manner as to create a large load-carrying vehicle that is stable and easy to operate and can be powered by either one or two riders.

My device includes two connecting bars that clamp onto the frames of two bicycles and stabilize and space them apart, making the two bikes operate as a single four-wheel vehicle. A supporting platform made from either wood or lightweight aluminum tubing is connected to the upper connecting bar and stabilized by the lower one, thereby creating a functional very accessible supporting platform that can be used to carry supplies.

My device can be made using simple materials and may accommodate bicycles that are not exactly the same size or type. In its simplest form, bikes secured together using my device can operated without a linking steering mechanism, but by securing the handlebars of both bikes together, a single user can ride either bike and steer the vehicle as if it were a pickup truck.