Power To The Pedal

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by Prashant Desai

Pedicity is a pedal powered generator that will charge a wide assortment of mobile devices. From cell phones, PDAs, iPods, and even portable GPS, Pedicity provides those on the go the opportunity to charge their devices with cleanest energy known to man: Human Power.

Pedicity enables everyone, from the eco-conscious commuter to road cycling enthusiasts to further optimize time and energy spent while riding their bicycle.

The Pedicity generator can be utilized with any bicycle. The device is placed between the rear fork and can be easily secured to the bicycle frame. The dual generators are housed in an attractive waterproof shell that is equipped with an easy access door that allows one to “turn off” the generator by simply lifting the mechanism away from the rear wheel. With the assistance of a friendly neighborhood bicycle technician, Pedicity’s few wires can easily be routed through the bicycle frame itself directly to the charging cradle!

The charging cradle can easily be fixed to the front handle bar of any bicycle. The Pedicity comes packaged with an assortment of the most popular mobile device adapters. A voltage regulator makes certain that voltage generated never tops 12 vdc, and thus, cyclist should have no fear that they will damage their mobile devices.