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Hoodies for Life

by Ivan Lopez

The product was design for the rider that just wants to get from point A to point B. This product was developed to make that process more enjoyable and faster. I took regular hoodies and repurpose them so that the average riders could put this hoodie on and go. The pockets have zippers to hold your IPOD (with ear phone hole to hide cord), keys, cell phone, wallet, lip-gloss, etc this alleviates preparation time for a regular ride. I have also added a facemask to make any ride more comfortable and warm. The mask replaces the scarf and can be easily be put away in the hood when not in use because it can be un-buckled. Every one can wear a hoodie because they are a simple product that can relate to any age and gender. This product makes you feel good because you look good, your warm and comfortable.

Hoodies for life