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Global Warning - Choose

by Zsolt Ercsei

GLOBAL WARNING – CHOOSE is an advertising project. I think that in this case a poster based project is a lot more efficient than inventing new accessories for bikes that would make riding it even more fun, because people who would be the possible receivers of this message are the people who already are open for that kind of lifestyle. Trying to convince people about how healthy this lifestyle is, would not necessary make more people riding it. The aim of the project should be exactly the people who are personally involved in the global warming process, even if they are not constituent about it. Most people agree with the idea of trying to keep our environment safe, but they don’t realize that they are personally involved in this process. People think that this should concern the government and the higher authorities. Most people have or etliest wants to have a vehicle. They think that having one or maybe two cars, is not going to seriously raise the global warming. If every one who wants a car, actually had one, there would be more cars in the world than the hole popularity of this planet.

These posters should be placed in seriously busy traffic intersections that hace high chance to turn into a traffic jam. New inventions of bike accessories would be even harder to advertise. Posters are an already accepted way of advertising that people are open to receive for. If it was in the right place, or even in the right time, when the traffic is blocked, there is 40 Degrees Celsius or 100 Fahrenheit, they all drive alone in the cars, they would actually be even more open to receive the message of the symbol. The glass Earth Planet with a car inside is a multiply symbol. It symbolizes the process of global warming and having the car inside of the planet symbolizes these people are actually part of the thing that is going to get overheated. This is going to get the message more involved in their personal experiments, because they actually feel the overheating by staying stacked in the traffic. The motto of the project is simply choose. This way people have their own chance to decide, and they need that.