Power To The Pedal

Competition Details


by amir alizade

This is about how much more does our pedal power save in our pocket?
PedEarn aim to encourage more people to use the bicycle as a means of transport in the city. PedEarn is a service which could be offered to whom like to earn some money during a bicycle riding. The main device is a little cyclocomputer which in normal mode shows the current speed,the time and the date. Every time by pressing the € button you’re able to see, how much distance you ride and how much you earned in that day. For instance we could offer 20 eurocents for each one kilometer. By pressing the T (total) button the device shows the total data (in how many days how much you ride and earned).
The budget could be provided: 1.by the companies which are interested in advertising their products and services by the bicycles or 2.by the state organizations (ministry of transportation …etc).
Every month the persons could refer to transport organizations of their city to deliver the device, for gathering the data and pay the salary, by the organization.