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Ride'n Parck

by wacky

Ride ’n Parck is an accessory for the biking infrastructure. Not the bicycle itself, but the lack of biking infrastructure is one of the main thresholds why people don ‘t use the bicycle after all. This historical situation of infrastructure and discrimination in favour of the car can ’t be solved in a short period of time. Meanwhile let ’s show the world that biking is the best way of transport around in every way and how positive and good design can attribute to this. Besides roads and bicycle paths, urban furniture for bicycles is the second group of missing and forgotten infrastructure that designers should take action in.
Ride ’n Parck is urban furniture for the city with a part for storing your bicycle and one to sit on. The inspiration for the shape was an abandoned bike lock, after theft of a bike left round a three ore bike rack. This recognisable, but rather negative image was enlarged to a positive and functional object. Ride ’n Parck can be installed free or round a tree or pole as a known form and meeting point that brings together cyclists. Environmental criteria are especially important for furniture meant for an environmental transport like the bicycle and for furniture that integrates in the few urban green spots or squares in the city. Ride ’n Parck is therefore designed according the principles of ecodesign. By doing so the environmental impact during the lifecycle was already assessed and taken into account during the design phase. You might know the benches made of recycled plastic. They are mainly made by extrusion process and don’t have the look ecodesign products should have. Ride ’n Parck consist of a steel frame that carries two types of plastic rings. These rings are made using a unique injection moulding technique that uses a mix of plastic foil, from used bags from household waste. This wasted polyethylene and polypropylene foil normally goes to incineration. Applying this foil in a rigid design instead of burning it results in a large environmental profit and is an example of upcycling, the opposite of downcycling. In the end, the Ride ’n Parck is easy to disassemble and can really be recycled. Its simple concept, functions and choice of materials make’s it a sustainable and robust object for the rough city.