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Tandem Mobile Bicycle Repair Service

by joseph carter


Cities such as London are littered with the abandoned carcasses of vandalized or faulty bicycles. These act as a deterrent to cyclists and commuters by portraying the criminal activity in the area. When a bike is damaged, many owners opt to disregard their vehicles in favour of carrying them home on public transport.


Tandem is a mobile bicycle repair service. Members of the public can pay an annual sum to gain 24 hour emergency cover anywhere in the city by either calling, texting or contacting Tandem online. It serves as First Aid for your bicycle.

The qualified mechanics constantly traverse the streets of the city and wait at advertised standing points so that there is always a helping hand nearby. Tandem mechanics visit bike shops to acquire specific spare parts. The cycle repair men also carry a well stocked toolkit, carried in a lightweight box attached to their bikes.

The uniform of the Tandem workforce has two main functions:

The bold pattern is designed to be noticed and more importantly recognized by members of the public, meaning that Tandem mechanics can be spotted and hailed down in the street.

The arrows which make up the pattern are made from highly reflective material, allowing the team to be both safely visible to motorists and recognizable in the dark.

The wheels on the Tandem bicycles can be turned by the mechanic to act as road signs when working by the road side. The arrow encourages other road users to go around the maintenance site.


The name Tandem is designed to suggest the idea of having someone there to help when cycling in the city.

As Tandem endeavors to clean up our city’s streets, it inadvertently helps cycling to become more accessible as a valuable method of transport in the city.

Tandem does not only help to change the view of cycling in London, but it also provides numerous new job opportunities. Cities would be scattered with central Tandem offices. These are known as ‘Hubs’. Here fixed bikes can be collected and mechanics can be found.

In the event that the bike is broken beyond repair, the victim and mechanic can swap vehicles so the member of the public can resume their journey whilst the repair man will take the wreck to be properly serviced elsewhere. This is known as the ‘Courtesy Bike’ service.