Power To The Pedal

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Green Bling for Your Bike

by Monica Ramone

I live and works in bohemian Venice Beach which is known to be an artsy community. Here we wear flip flops and go out casual. Our modes of transportation are roller blade and more often bikes. I think because of our proximity to the beach - i.e., we dip our toes are in the sand quite often, we tend to be aware of our environment. I guess you can say I have a small footprint and by using my bike to get around just makes it smaller. I shop, visit art galleries, run for a cup of Jo, go visiting and haul groceries from the Farmers Market home. I believe the way to make Bikes more of a way of life is to make them more functional and fun to ride! hence - my Discovery of the Fashionable Designed of the BIKE BELLA BASKET. This is recycled material from the garment distric downtown and my friend who is a Purse Designer made it especially for me. It has color, beauty, bling and more importantly keeps things from falling ot of my basket (small items like keys, pens, money, credit cards, were problematic because they would fall out along my ride. Now I have a bella Bike Basket that makes my bike ONE OF A KIND, BEAUTIFUL AND FUN. Just like my sassy canvas re-usable canvas bags that I take when I when we shop at the local FM (Farmer's Market), now my mode of Green Transport - my loyal bicycle has it's own personality and fashionable look. Make your bike fashionable today - ride more - save the planet! .