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LUTI / Live cities in bicycle

by laurent beurriand
Co-authors: Beurriand Laurent, Delepine Florian

Live cities in bicycle.

Beurriand Laurent
Delepine Florian

We are students in Paris. So since several months we are viewer and user of the Parisian bicycle called “Velib”. In only nine months, many Parisians adopted it and it’s changing the live in Paris. In that way we thought that the answer was in a global product. We created LUTI, a bike for cities for everyday. Each parts are thought for citizens. People can use it on Sunday, to go to work or for shopping. LUTI will be the principal vehicle for the user because ridding a bike in cities is a better vehicle for health of people and towns.
We redesigned the frame in aluminium sheet to form a box. The box is created to put books, files, or laptop away, in an adapted bag. Around this frame, all the components are designed in a radical way to make a logical work. For us the frame was the starting point, but we also thought about cyclist position, speeds, brakes, lights, logos…
Moreover the aluminium frame and each parts are assembled with rivets.
Each parts can be removed and replaced by a new. The bike can also be dismantle and recycle.
To conclude, we made a prototype to try ourselves the comportment of the bike in Paris. It was an important part of the work because a bike is complicated object, with torsion, traction, flexion… We made three prototypes and LUTI is our final bike with details and finishing.