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Rain Bicycle

by Chris Sweet

Rain Bicycle is an innovative bike that adapts to the rider and not visa versa. The bike allows for multiple seating and riding orientations that inevitably changes the riding experience all together.

Designed to focus on our largest generation,baby boomers, and the multiple set backs that this aging generation is seeing more today than ever before.

The bikes key solution to solving a problem focuses on pressure points seen in the lower back and hands of a rider. With the ability to change the riding position of the bike, the user can ride an upright to a recumbent position.

The main ambition of the bikes design is to motivate more bicycling in our older generation. Through research it was found that biking is one of the best if not the best excercise one can do; also known to be one of the safest.

How it works?
-A button is located on the crank which allows for the crank to slide along the frame. The button also changes the angle of the seat post, to make for multiple seating locations.
-An aluminum ring, just located under the stem of the bike, can adjust the length of the telescoping handle bars.
-A standard allen wrench can adjust the frame hinge located near the front of the frame.
-The double driven chain would be consealed in the frame to make for less mess and tune ups, while keeping a simple and clean appearance.
-The frame would be made from a recycled composite that would environmentally friendly, and all extranious parts on the bike would be alluminum; nearly the only metal that can be completely recycled.

Inspiration: Cardiovascular diseases, i.e. heart disease, is the leading cause of death for baby boomers (age 50-75). As of now exercise and a non-sedentary lifestyle is the best 'medicine' for these diseases.

My end goal: To produce a bike that serves function first improving the riding experience through innovation. Making it a fun new experience for our older generation. An experience that encourages more excercise, while saving a life PEDAL by PEDAL.