Power To The Pedal

Competition Details

bringing color to the streets

by Christopher Nguyen

This project goes completely against this assignment in how itshould be about improving biking function. But there are so many types of bikes, and adding or creating the newest design, becomes un-affordable to many, and adds to the manufacturing and resources we seem to be trying to preserve. So this project emphasizes the biker themselves.The issue of bike usage is getting pushed more and more. But it's hard to get the younger community involved, unless it's pushed into their culture. Kids are all about nice new cars and cellphones, you can't show off and take your friends to the mall on your bike. And for those youngsters who do ride their bikes, it can be very frustrating and sometimes dangerous to be on the streets. But we do it, it's just clean wholesome fun to get on a bike and ride. But while we're on the road, it seems like we can be saying more about what's going on here. Meaning how much of the earth's pollution and resources are coming and being used from those 3'000+ lbs piece-o-metals we use religiously. Though bikes aren't ever going to stop the production of cars, there's more to be said while we take hit the roads. My design is focused on the biker, and giving them knowledge about stats they may not even be aware of, and can share it on the road with both bikers and motorists. While waiting at stop-lights, their bus stop, or walking on the streets. People on bikes are doing more then getting exercise, we're creating communities and lifestyles, that effect the environmental stability of our planet, even if it doesn't seem like it