Power To The Pedal

Competition Details


by Tilmann

DASRAD is an every day bike for a big target group.

Safety, usability and integrative solutions have top priority.
There is a light and a central locking system which are integrated into the frame to provide safety and suitability for daily use.
Technicalwise there is a focus on simple maintenance and high durability. Monostay design in the front and in the back make it easy to change the bicycle tire without the need for any tools. The motion link integrates a cardan drive and is therefore clean and service-reduced.
The fenders are part of the frame construction and well sized.
There are different sizes of baggage systems according to reqirements to fit the stable carrier.
Due to an ergonomic sitting posture the user is able to drive in a comfortable and gentle way.
DASRAD hopes to convince people by its practical value and to make inner-city cycling more attractive. A plus of flexability, healthy reasons and a higher quality of life are just a few reasons to use the bike every day.