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Transformable Trailor

by Jeng-Neng Fan

Across the Sub-Saharan Africa, more than 65% of the people live on farms and in villages, with large distances between them. Less than 1% of the population owns a car or truck. Human porterage (either on the head, shoulders or back) is common in these rural areas, particularly where access roads are in a poor condition. Carrying items unaided need significant labor and it is time consuming. Instead of human porterage, bicycles are an important means of transport in this rural Africa, both for personal transport and for the transport of light goods.

For people who need to transport their goods in different type of road conditions, for example, transporting their own goods on a flat terrain in departure and delivering poultry on a terrain with the poor surface condition in return, an adaptable bike accessory for different road conditions for transportation is necessary.

Based on the road conditions, this transformable trailer allows users to change the way it is used with few simple operations. The simple fold/unfold procedure with a few steps can transform a carrier rack above the rear wheel of a bike to a trailer towed behind the bicycle, and vice versa. With the help of rubber straps for tying goods, it makes the delivery much easier. Considering the cost and maintenance, principle parts of this foldable trailer are made of extruded aluminum. Using only one material, which is recycled, the transformable trailer can be mass produced easily and has huge impact in transportation in the rural Africa.