Power To The Pedal

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by josplodge
Co-authors: Joanna Bielska

The Bikebrella is a spray skirt for the bike, designed to keep your legs dry.
The premise is simple – a jacket keeps your top half dry, and the Bikebrella creates a “tent” for your legs to keep your bottom half dry. The Bikebrella eliminates the need for carrying special rain gear, as it is stored in a compact roll on the bike handlebar. As soon as it starts raining, you simply unroll, fasten the Velcro tabs around your waist, and carry on. When you get to your destination, you can use the Bikebrella to keep your bike seat dry while parked outside. You just drape it over your seat, and secure with a bungee cord through the handy pull tab at the waist.
Unlike rain pants that can make you sweat, the Bikebrella doesn’t trap heat, allowing complete air circulation. The Bikebrella is also more aerodynamic than a cape or poncho. As a cyclist, you can never be too visible. The Bikebrella’s bright yellow color increases rider visibility on dark, rainy days. Additionally, the Bikebrella has reflective trim around the waist and edge, further improving safety in poor visibility.
The Bikebrella fits over regular street clothes, making it perfect for commuting. Its simple construction from one piece of recycled nylon makes it easy to manufacture. The Bikebrella fits on any kind of bike without affecting handling, as it attaches with elastic loops that allow free movement of the bars, while keeping the Bikebrella taught.
The Bikebrella idea stemmed from spending a summer commuting by bike in London. British weather being what it is, I got caught in the rain many times. Anyone who has ridden in the rain will know the miserable sensation of cold, rain sodden clothing sticking to your body. The Bikebrella makes this a thing of the past. The best thing about it is that it really works. The Bikebrella allows you to arrive at your destination dry, no matter what the weather.