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Bikes Belong - A Chicago Bike Project

by Tune Koshy
Co-authors: Adair Heinz, Carl Boyd, Kent Solberg

Bikes Belong
By: Tune Koshy

This Chicago project encourages cyclists to use their bikes within the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) el-train system. This project is focused on cyclists being able to easily navigate from entrance, up or down stairs, and comfortably on the CTA train. These CTA concepts are a step towards a greener and healthier Chicago.

In each area materials are selected carefully. Many of Chicago’s CTA-stations are historic landmarks that may not withstand large, heavy, and toxic equipment. Selecting the right materials is an important part in saying that these concepts are for the greener purpose. Materials used throughout these concepts are 100% recycled metals, plastics, and fabrics. These are sustainable solutions that can help Chicago conserve gas, energy, water, and money for many years to come.

The bicycle entrance features adequate space for cyclists and their bikes to enter, pay the train fair and leave with greater comfort and time. The gates open and close according to proximity and payment of the train fare.

The stair track runs along the side of a staircase. This helps customers reduce back strain and offer the cyclist a place to roll the bike up or down a staircase. The cyclist holds on to the bike and guides the bike through the 6 inch groove provided in a simple plastic extrusion.

Once the train arrives on the train platform, cyclists can find a designated space available to them in non-rush hour periods. When inside, along the wall of the CTA train are jump seats and bike hooks that help cyclists prop their bike vertically for secure placement to the cyclist’s destination.

The design has an approachable and friendly green color and simple styling for a functional yet relieving solution for Chicago’s CTA commuters. CTA has a deep history in keeping their customers moving in a clean and well maintained environment.

With the help of Chicago Department of transportation (CDOT) and the Bike 2015 plan, these solutions can help CTA further achieve this goal, keeping Chicago healthy and mobile in more ways than one.