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Velocity: The Urban Shopping Cart for the Environmental Revolution

by Kristina Frost
Co-authors: Kristina Frost, Tom Waisanen

Velocity is an urban shopping cart: a product for holding and transporting a collection of bulky, heavy objects long distances without a car. There is a clear need for a product such as this, as it is uniquely suited to the coming “environmental revolution”; two examples of this are that more and more people in urban areas are living without a car, and large cities around the world are beginning to limit or ban the use of plastic bags, one of the most common methods for transporting goods. Velocity provides a stylish solution to both of these arising changes.

We have already successfully designed and manufactured a fully functional prototype of Velocity. By rigorously testing it we have demonstrated that it is rugged and robust, as well as able to quickly and easily attach to the back of a bicycle. Some of the many features of Velocity are:

• It can hold the volume of four paper grocery bags or up to 50lbs
• It has two separate compartments for divided storage
• It can easily and quickly hitch onto the back of a bicycle
• The large wheels can easily climb stairs and handle rough terrain
• It is made of both recyclable and recycled materials
• The bag is fully insulated to help keep groceries hot or cold
• It is collapsible to the size of a handbag
• It can stand by itself to allow greater freedom while shopping
• The inner shelf is removable to accommodate bulky items
• The frame is made of lightweight aluminum
• The outer fabric is durable, water resistant, and removable for washing

By utilizing materials such as aluminum and PET plastic, we have chosen at least 80% of the materials used on Velocity to be recycled and all of them to be recyclable. Additionally, we have designed as many components as possible to be common, thus reducing manufacturing costs and assembly time. After compiling a detailed bill of materials, we have estimated that each Velocity will cost $42 to produce, including both material and labor.

The industry of sustainable transportation is a growing and evolving one, and Velocity can help pave the way. Our product will change how people transport their goods from the store to home: you don’t need a car to carry your groceries home.