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weeliO - Adaptive Training Wheels

by payam shalchian

This concept is designed in order to help kids learn about the balance and what influences their balance while they are learning how to control the balance physically. The easily adjustable wheels are designed to help kids of age 4-6 interact with the training wheels. It allows for the adaptation of the training wheels to kids’ learning curve. The existing products on the market, however, do not offer design values such as appealing aesthetics for the target market, interactive functionality through affordances and considerations in regard to product life cycle and sustainability.
The weeliO concept is designed so that rotating the handles will easily adjust the wheels height from the ground, affecting the balance when biking. The lettering on the hinge locks indicates the height of the training wheels from the ground, and the level of progress in learning how to maintain balance. Based on research, using lettering as the main visual clue increases the level of product interactivity for kids of age of 4-6. Letters of A, B and C will show as the handle is rotated.
The easy release locking system also makes using this product easier for kids. The spring back handle bar releases the lock when pulled in different directions without need for a separate locking switch.
Safety of the kids when biking in the evening has been addressed in this concept by using magnetic generator technology. LEDs placed in the wheels light up when the wheel touches the ground. This helps with the visibility for the passer bys and also makes the product more visually appealing for the kids. The wheel starts spinning when it touches the ground. The centripetal force pushes magnetic pins outwards completing the electric circuit and the LEDs light up due to the electric current.
This concept addresses parents concerns as well. The handle pulls out, acting as a push/pull handle, for parents who feel their kids need their help with the learning process.
Since the life cycle of training wheels is short, in order to reduce waste, this concept can be used as a cart for kids’ toy boxes. The product packaging can be used as a toy box for the kids, to minimize waste of material. This box fits on to the cart when the training wheels are detached from the bike. Therefore weeliO training wheels are still useful, even after kids learned how to ride a bike.