Power To The Pedal

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by Jack Godfrey Wood

Locksit is a saddle that immobilises the bicycle and avoids the need to carry your saddle around with you. Cyclists now only need to take one lock with them (to secure the frame and front wheel) making cycling and parking easier, quicker and more convenient.

The instructions are as follows: 1: Unlock lock to release U-bar. 2+3: Push pins inwards to allow seatpost to pivot about the hinge. 4: Place U-bar around the tyre and rim of the back wheel. Insert U-bar into its socket and lock using the key. The bicycle is now immobilised and the saddle secure. 5: Lock the frame and front wheel to an immovable object.

Observational research highlighted the difficulties cyclists had finding secure, suitable and available bike parking. This, inconvenient locks and lack of time, forces them to take risks in where and how they lock their bike. Consequently, the majority of bikes are insecurely locked to railings, lampposts, fences etc, making them an easy target for thieves and vandals.

Many cyclists seemed unaware that a securely locked bike needs to be locked at two points. Even those who are aware ignore advice to avoid carrying two locks. Locksit is intended to be a secure, light and easy second lock to increase security without reducing convenience.