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Weather Protector

by Freeda B.

The Weather Protector (WP)is an umbrella - like shield. It catches enough breeze to allow the rider a refreshing blast while riding. Useful in sunny weather conditions with an added color shield atop the riders head, it cools the rider.
Attachment 1:
Diagram A, showing how the WP looks from the front. Diagram B shows how it looks from the back.
Attachment 2:
Shows how it looks retracted in a storage position but still attached to the bike.
Attachment 3:
Shows how it looks on its own. It is made from clear plastic, as in umbrellas, aiding the rider in maintaining a line of vision of the road.
Attachment 4:
Diagram 1, figure A, is a ring attachment that connects with the back bike frame above the brakes. This is held on with a screw to tighten it where the 'x' is. Figure B, is a slide connector that holds the opposite, figure C, end clicking it in place so that the pole, figure D, on which it is attached with a screw, will remain in place.
Diagram 2, E, shows an easily adjustable click ring for different handlebar sizes attached to the other end of the pole, figure F. When in the retracted position it can secure onto the main frame under the seat, - Attachment 2. Both attachments allow the rider to remove the WP from the bike anytime. Leaving the WP on the bike in wet weather is optional.
Attachment 5:
Figure C and D are cross sections of the ends of poles. The poles are made from the same flexible material that tent poles are, but the inside of the poles have stoppers, so that they will slide out but not slip apart; D would be on the inside of C. Each section of pole would be about six inches in length, totaling about ten poles. The Poles are a florescent color. The clear fabric is larger in the middle to create a fanning out from the pull of the two poles - Attachment 1. The Fabric is attached to the poles at point A and B. Between these two points there is a sleeve that the poles fit into so that it easily extends.