Power To The Pedal

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by Ben, Ho-Sing POON

Speedometer - "Drive" by our drive

The design is consisted of simple parts which involve easy installation onto the bicycle:
i) Speed display panel – a light emitting display to be attached on to the handlebar, facing the cyclist down-positioned line of vision.
ii) Wheel attachment generator – a handy generator to be attached to the top of the front fork for adhering to the front wheel to generate electricity to support the displays.
iii) Rotational display – a string of LED with adjustable length and clips, connected by the inner disc and outer disc to be attached to the center and edge of the rotation wheel respectively.

The whole idea is to inform and be informed for a better illustration of the self-generated power to save the environment:

-The speed display panel informs the speed of the bicycle to the cyclist, who can get a better sense of “driving”. This is different from driving a car by merely applying harder on the gas pedal; to obtain a higher speed, it requires more effort. That eradicates unnecessary speed challenge. Which is the correct attitude of road use, and helps improve the environment by minimizing the use of fossil fuel.

-The rotational display serves to display the corresponding speed of the rotating wheel in kilometer per hour and in colors for different range of speed as follows:
0-10 Blue
11-20 Green
21-30 Red
31-40 Orange
41-50 yellow
>51 White

This helps to inform other road users of the speed of moving bodies, and can also applied to speed check for specific roads and sports activities for record of performance and indicator for training.