Power To The Pedal

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The Powerometer

by Graham Hurlburt


The design problem my accessories is addressing is the lack of perceived benefit and recognition cyclists receive for doing their part. With this bicycle accessory, cyclists will clearly see their contributions to the environment their own health and savings. My device enables cyclists to compare their results to others in friendly local competitions between individual cyclists or company teams.
My proposed bicycle accessory is a simple modification of a standard $20.00 bicycle speedometer (see attached image). It involves adding fitness, money and environment functions to the speedometer. I dub the new device, the Powerometer. The Powerometer will use its time clock and speed data to determine the distance the cyclist has travelled. With this data, the cyclist’s calories burnt could be estimated. Also, the cyclist’s money saved on fuel and volume of air emissions prevented could be extrapolated from the distance travelled and a predetermined average vehicle fuel mileage and emissions rating. This information could be saved over time.
The Powerometer will be equipped with a USB port so that the data could be uploaded to a website setup to rank cyclists and encourage friendly local competitions. I also suggest creating a Facebook application so that individual cyclists can proudly display their green contributions and rank on their Facebook profiles. A fun competition with categories in highest total emissions prevented and highest average emissions prevented per employee could be setup between local office teams.
The Powerometer will encourage cyclists to ride their bicycles more places by revealing the true environmental, health and financial benefits. Cyclists will garner recognition for their daily commutes by competing with other individual cyclists or office teams. The Powerometer will serve to unite bicycle commuters with common tangible goals. If my bicycle accessory is selected as the winning design, don’t forget to send me a Powerometer so I can get started too!