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All-Wheel-Drive Bicycle without Chain or Cable Mechanism

by Young Kim


This all-wheel-drive bicycle has no chain or cable mechanism and it works with an enclosed gear train system, much like a contemporary AWD automobile while maintaining similar frame structure as a conventional bicycle as shown in the Figure. Most conventional bicycle with a chain mechanism has numerous short falls such as, a) frequent derailing and need adjustment, also, occasional chain break, b) often difficult to shifting chain to get a front and rear sprocket combination, c) muddied up chain with dirt and road debris reduces efficiency and need frequent cleaning, d) oily and dirty chain ring makes rider's pants dirty, and can entangle with pant hem, etc. The AWD bicycle without chain or cable can eliminate these problems. Since this AWD bicycle maintains similar frame structure and wheel arrangement as a conventional bicycle, riders will have similar ride feeling as conventional bicycle ride, but it provides many advantages such as, a) all gear trains are completely enclosed in the frame and protected from dirt, therefore no frequent cleaning required, b) AWD mechanism provides better traction on slipery road surfaces, such as snow, ice, sandy or muddy roads, and up-hill ride, c) no frequent adjustment and maintenance reqired, d) multi-speed transmission is easy to select a speed, like an automobile gearshift. Therefore, this AWD bicycle will be a trouble free,all-weather/all-season bicycle.So, more people will be encouraged to ride this bicycle as a year around and daily local transportation. This AWD bicycle can be manufactured with off-the-shelf gear components and other parts are from conventional bicycle components. In the future development, the gear train system can accommodate a motorizing systemm (add-on electric motor and battery) by small modification in the main gear train. The motorized AWD bicycle will provide fast, easy and convenient community transportation, and can be used for mail delivery and police patrol in narrow streets.