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Multipurpose Bike Rack

by Sean Clift
Co-authors: Tjoan Lie

This multipurpose bike rack incorporates many features that are useful for cycle commuting.

The rack has a built-in rear flashing LED light. The light is powered from batteries that are recharged by the built-in solar panel. A power outlet is provided to supply the front LED light.

The rack is designed to act as a mud-guard for the rear wheel.

A storage box with a clip-down lid suitable for storing a bike lock or luggage tie-downs is incorporated in the platform of the rack.

The rack is suitable for carrying a bag or panniers. A bag carried on top of the rack can be tied down with luggage straps to the tie-down points provided. Panniers drape over the rack and are protected from the wheel by the solid sides of the rack. The rack is also suitable for carrying a passenger.

The rack attaches to the rear axle and seat-post. The seat-post fitting swivels and extends to allow the rack to be fitted to a wide range of bikes.

The rack is manufactured from roto-moulded recycled plastic. This material is lightweight, rust-proof, inexpensive, and very robust. Steel fittings are used at the rear axle attachment points for extra strength.

Combining lights, luggage rack, storage, and mudguards into a single system makes it much easier to attach to the bike. Including solar recharging means a commuter always has charged lights available. Designing the rack to double as a mudguard makes wet-weather riding more enjoyable.