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'My Zone' Door Zone Warning Device

by Lola Flores

Motorists opening the vehicle’s door when unsafe is the most common cause of reported bicycle accidents in many of the biggest world’s cities such as San Francisco in USA, Brussels in Belgium and London in the UK. This is one of most feared accidents by cyclists.

Therefore, it is recognised that there is a need for a product that will prevent such accidents, saving lives and reinforcing traffic laws, as opening a vehicle’s door when unsafe is an offence in many countries.

It is important that the product will focused not only on cyclists giving them time to react, but also on making drivers more aware of vulnerable road users.

This invention relates to a device for indicating cyclists that the door of a motor road vehicle is about to be opened.

The device doubles up as a warning device for drivers to alert them of incoming bicycles before opening the vehicle’s door. The unit works as both transmitter and receiver, with capabilities to switch between the two mode options, driver or cyclist.

The portable device transmits and receives a signal within a given distance of the receiver/transmitter. The signal will offer protection to reduce liability of accident when the door is opened.

MyZone can be easily manufactured. None of the components that form Myzone present any practicability problems and it does not need special made machinery or facilities.
Products similar to MyZone are everyday mass produced economically.

The extraction of materials for the production can be minimized to reduce harmful impacts on the environment, by using only recycled materials for the main components of MyZone (ABS for product casing, copper wire for antenna and printed circuit and glass for the LCD screen).
The product has been designed to last to save in cost and materials.
The size of the product has been minimised and most of its parts can join by snap fit pieces. This makes disassembling easy for recycling.
MyZone is compatible with existing wireless products such as mobiles, GPS units, bicycle computers and pedometers. MyZone could be integrated in any of those products to save in energy and resources.

MyZone is a useful product and can save lives.

The market for MyZone is growing by the day with more people choosing the bicycle as a more pleasant and healthy way of transport.