Power To The Pedal

Competition Details

Human Energy Moving Urban Vehicle (urb 21)

by Eliseu Santos
Co-authors: Luiz Dutra

This vehicle is equipped with a system capable of accumulate energy produced by the pedaling using an inertial fly wheel.

System function:
The movement of the pedals activates directly the Inertial Fly Wheel (75 lbs) that transmits the force gradually to the back wheels buy the unit CVT which allows the displacement of the vehicle.

The controls are placed in the sides to avoid the high muscular fatigue, to know:
-The handlebars is located on the seat (see levers #2)
-Clutch (see lever #1)
-Gear Box: CVT (see lever #3)
-The brakes (see #4) are located with the levers
-Equipped with reverser device

Main aims:
-Reduction of the emission of fossil fuels
-Fairing in fiber-glass built over the recycle composite structure
-The system was designed with easy function and maintenance

Technical information:
-Height: 1,800 mm
-Width: 1,450 mm
-Length: 2,000 mm
-Weight: 297 lbs
-Load capacity: 198 lbs
-Traction: In rear/Human energy: 60 rpm cadence
-Maximum velocity: 45 mph
-Clutch: Command by tensioned pulley fitting on the ceramic beatings
-Gear Box: CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission)
-Wheels: (4x) ring 16’’
-Brake: In board (front and rear)