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The Umbrella-Bike

by Asunción


The Umbrella_Bike

The Umbrella-Bike is not useful for great winds but broadly speaking is easy-going.All is placed at the back of the bike,that is,in a bag(as kite-surfer are used to wearing their kites).
The system of hooks is turned as a screw. It is innovative because you have not seen anything similar to it.
It is used in a countryside sorround or in towns with a low density of traffics.As it is clear,the use of bikes it is healthy for people and the environment is greatly respected.
It is fashionable.As the umbrella is made of transparent plastic,fashion stickers can be stuck on it.
First of all you hold the tube towards forward.
Second you open the folding umbrella.
Third you put it over the transparent tube through the top hook and then you screw.
If you don´t want to open the tube till the end,you can leave it in the middle(on the top).Then you open the umbrella and you hold it with the top hook.This way it is useful for those days in which bad weather conditions are not so strong.Take in mind that you use only two hooks,in this way(one hook on the top and other and only one in front of the bike,and not two-as you can see in the picture).