Power To The Pedal

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R - 3: Experimental Pedal Driven Vehicle for Selective Collection of Recycled Materials

by Eliseu Santos
Co-authors: Diego Matheus Santos Silva, Carlos Henrique Ribeiro Lima

1. The R-3 project is aimed at citizens who deal with selective collection of recycled materials, such as aluminum recipients, cardboard boxes, etc. The aforementioned collection concerns individuals who belong to an under privileged social class, either from organized cooperative groups or not (that is, autonomous), whose activity represents an important social role and, in some countries, a significant participation in economical indexes regarding such collecting, mostly in what aluminum and cardboard are concerned.

2. Main features of the vehicle:
-Use of a 26” bicycle (rear wheel, frame and handle bar) joined to a collecting container (78,5 x 39,5 x 27,5 inches / L x W x H), presenting easiness to connect and reverse to bike mode;
-Use of recycled and ecological materials in the container structure (cf. - fairing in polyurethane resin based plant, reinforced with natural fibers);
-Loading capacity estimated in 237 gallons (900 liters). Container divided in chambers specified for storage of aluminum and cardboard, etc.;
-Equipped with aluminum can crusher;
-Other accessories: dynamo headlights; personal items storage compartment;

3. Project aims:
-Improve the working conditions for the autonomous collectors;
-Valorization of these professionals’ community services;
-Aggregate new concepts for use and materials concerning the selective collection of recycled materials;
-Make evident and promote recycling, either in its collecting or in diffusing its practice, before the challenges imposed by the emergent global need to mobilize efforts in order to save the planet.

1. Bike frame; 2. Compartment for cardboard; 3. Compartment for aluminum cans; 4. Compartment door for cardboard; 5. Compartment door for aluminum cans; 6. Compartment door for personal objects; 7. Aluminum can crusher; 8. Access pipe for can compartment; 9. Headlight fairing; 10. Back fairing; 11. Front fairing; 12. Caster; 13. Wire screen; 14. Recycled material board; 15. Metal structure/chassis; 16. Polycarbonate board.