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Power To The Pedal


Judging Feedback

First Prize: Pedal Power Pack
by Ben Decherd from Portland, Oregon, USA

Jens Martin Skibsted
The Pedal Power Pack is a very nice entry. Most human power chargers might fail to understand how little energy output we can muster, but the legs give more output than the arms at least. The fact that we reuse an existing object (the bike) for an extra purpose adds to the sustainability of the project. I like the design intention & the design language applied.

Wendy Brawer
With so many things in our lives that need power, this is a simple way to create and move energy

Emiliano Godoy
I think the designer did a great job at identifying the potential uses of a portable power generator. The potential that the Pedal power pack has in relation to governmental and aid organizations during emergency relief are tremendous, while the possible everyday uses for off the grid or less energy intensive lifestyles are also very attractive.

Second Prize: Retrofit Folding Handlebars
by Joe Wentworth from London, UK

Wendy Brawer
An elegant and intelligent solution to a common problem

Emiliano Godoy
Among the numerous add-ons and retrofit designs in the competition, these handlebars are the better resolved and most elegant, with huge commercial potential. I comparison to other such entries, they are extremely simple to use, are fully resolved, and are quiet enough in formal terms to coexist with many different bike designs.

Third Prize and Most Popular: The Sound from Wind
by Joseph KIM and Jinwook HWANG from the Seoul, South Korea

Jens Martin Skibsted
Sound From Wind mixes future aspiration with nostalgia well. Reminiscent of my childhood's pieces of cardboard clamped to the wheel to make some noise, yet so far from anything seen on the market. The bicycle seems to become just an ulterior motive to create music. The failure of bike culture to compete with car culture is as I see it one of the main challenges for getting more bikes in the cities & less cars in it. This could be one of those weird fads that propels bike culture. By the way without any other by-product than air & eventually some ceramic.

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