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Melt Me

by Marcin Fronczak

Campaign : Guerilla / Viral via public magnetrons in big citys/ streets, premiums and website.
No other printed media.
This paperboard box (microwave) can be folded (see example page 2). All the things on the box are printed except the white screen and the black puppet. The white place is cutted out and the puppet
is maded from soft wax. A= In this external smaller box there are premiumcards which can
be taken by the public. B= The round printed button ( to get more watt) whith above the sign
to the other direction. C= text which explains that we have take the watts back before the earth
burn ( take a card ).The top of the box is black to melt the softwax puppet. The people can see this melting process on
the street. There will be printed hundred of these boxes and will be placed in big citys all over
the world. The action wil be filmed and placed on different channels like weblogs, videosites to
make it viral.
On the website there are some of the filmed actions, stimulating private green energy
(www.qurrent.com) , membership for sportingschools to catch the energy from sporters, tips,
stimulating the usage of bike for companies (official worldday for an race to your work).
This campaign has to be shocking, output: the melting people. More watts, more damage, faster
melting. No old printed media or expensive commercials on tv. Just media and huge publicity on