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+ one, un, uno, ein, ...

by Teal

One to one causation.

Do this, something happens.

Every time someone uses carbon-generated energy, if they know it has a direct impact on their lives, the relevance of their choice will be immediate. The future, very large things, things far away, remain abstract. Some think in those terms. But for many people that is not where their head or their heart is focused.

The goal of this project is simple. Make it clear that our choices impact the outcome we will experience.

A campaign based on cooperative media. Messages spread through public exposure to the interests of individuals create a different impact. They are not associated with the voice of authority, of an institution. True, they may originate with such a source, but there is a distance achieved. With a topic like climate change, where institutions are heavily invested, adding the voice of the individual seems an important element.

The campaign centers around a website with a variety of downloadable works. Pre-printed products are also available. Materials used in the products are environment friendly. Products bring in revenue to continue the project. The initial focus is on (bumper) stickers. Stickers can be chosen by the type of climate issues occurring in the local region. The website is not focused on information, but half the front page is devoted to links and synopsis from information sites. The site's focus is otherwise kept on reproducible messages. This separation of information from graphics creates a distributed user interface, where the sites that are good at providing information can concentrate on that task, and the +1 site can concentrate on delivering placeable messages.

Images used on the stickers use a Creative Commons license. Attributions are made on the website, and perhaps in small text on the items.