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You Control Global Warming

by Clay Kramer
Co-authors: Magali Cohen, Yael Dornbusch

The You Control Global Warming campaign is intended to demonstrate that each of us can impact our planet by the way we live. Simple actions can change the world: changing the way we eat, the way we consume products and the way we use energy can make a world of difference. Empowering the individual through simple knowledge is the key to making sure we have a healthier, greener future without global warming.

*In the US, food travels an average of 1500 miles before reaching the dinner table, expending a large amount of harmful environmentally harmful emissions and contributing to global warming. Buying locally farmed foods would lower the amount of greenhouse gases created by transporting food. This can be cut by using more local food sources.

*Every year, the electricity one person uses requires the burning of 13,000 pounds of coal. Coal is responsible for nearly 40% of America’s CO2 emissions. Much of these coal emissions are produced by the same power plants that give our homes energy. If small efforts, like installing compact fluorescent light bulbs or minimizing air conditioning and heat that we use on a daily basis were taken, we could reduce our dependence on this damaging substance.

*The products we consume account for 25% of greenhouse gas emissions. By simply increasing the recycling rate to just 35 percent would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an additional 5.2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. If we could reduce, reuse and recycle, the threat of global warming could be significantly decreased.