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Forsaken Earth

by jasmine
Co-authors: Jasmine Huang Xiaotian, Nicholas Lim Wen Kai, Koh Maw Shin, Isaac Goh


Forsaken Earth is a web application used to create awareness on the adverse effects of Global Warming and present to its users the future effects Global Warming has on Earth.

It uses live dynamic weather data to portray the different levels of effects global warming has on mother Earth. Apart from that, this application too has a function for visitors to contribute to the saving/destruction of the virtual Earth found in it. Based on the user inputs, the fate of the virtual Earth found in the application varies accordingly. Users are able to contribute in the form of leaving their comments in the application.

Each comment received generates 1 random building to be placed on the Earth. Accompanying that building would either be a power-station or forest, based on whether the user chose to forsake or save the Earth. The addition of buildings and forests to the Earth signifies the ‘change done to Earth’ by the user. Collectively, all of these ‘changes’ done by each individual user, together with the live RSS dynamic weather data, will decide the fate of the virtual Earth.

This application thus manipulates both live internet RSS data and user-based inputs to generate various interesting outcomes on the Earth. Each of the generated outcomes would hopefully appeal to the user the seriousness of Global Warming and the importance of NOT overlooking upon the issue.