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by Neslihan Tepehan


This magazine ad of the campaign aims to educate and warn the consumer (with facts) which have no idea that the simplest thing he/she can do can actually change something about global warming.This piece is designed as a magazine ad. where consumer will also have the time read the explanation below the page. Dramatic scene with the polar bear supported with the facts below the page.( using the simplest explanation and language) After understanding the poster it aims to make people think that they are actually guilty in this situation and start being sensitive about it right away.
Since it is not readable with the preview file below the gae it says
" leaving your electronic devices on stand by increases the carbon dioxide emmisions which fastens the green house affect leads ice to melt and in the end causes polar bears to die. Do not forget that the electricity generated by fossilfuels for a single home puts more carbone dioixe in to the air than two avarage cars"
my sources are: http://www.earth911.org/master.asp?s=lib&a=globalwarming/iprevent.asp