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by Jo Szczepanska

VeggiePatch is a product which addresses the issue of sustainability and food. It is an edible landscape for urban environments, allowing consumers to reconnect with nature and in the process re-examine the value they place on food.

This is a product that simplifies urban agriculture and closes the waste cycle by incorporating a vermicomposting station. Vermiculture within the product eliminates 50% of household waste to landfill while providing a source of nutrients for the plants. As it can be purchased by the metre, the product allows for an instant garden to be constructed in an urban setting, where space is limited.

Differing from existing products VeggiePatch comes with inbuilt drip irrigation, and fittings for mounting onto wall frames or ground covering structures. The product uses gravity to position root structures to allow healthy plant growth, and ecological design in the form of slopes and swales to allow for maximal rain water catchment. The sloping also provides for a variety of root depths to be achieved and allows for partial shaded area to be created.

This concept is envisioned as a cheap, lightweight and portable structure, for this reason recycled corrugated cardboard coated with ‘tough paper’ made from banana industry waste was selected for the base. The cultivation sheet is molded out of a composite of plantation natural rubber and tyre crumb rubber, which is also sourced from post-consumer waste.The materials are economical and able to be prefabricated, flat packed and assembled through a range of interlocking joints.

This product reduces the embodied energy of food, eliminates need for transportation, refrigeration, and food storage. It reduced food waste going to landfill, and supports emerging sustainable materials. VeggiePatch provides people access to fresh organic food, while allowing them to rediscover the health benefits both psychological and physical of cultivating their own food.