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Making Global Warming more descriptive through clothing

by shipra sharma

YEAR 2020: In India this year there is no winters only. YEAR 2050: There would be 30 % shortage of water because draught problems will be common.
YEAR 2100: Sea level would rise approx. with 40 cm.
The scene mentioned above might be very horrible but this reality is not very far away. We keep on trying to educate people about global warming but what those who already know all this. Count of literates around the world is good enough to take an initiative but still we are least bothered. We have left everything on our governments. The problem is not so critical that we cannot fight with it; it’s just that we don’t want to because of our carelessness .Now, to create awareness in a literate is quite a difficult task. We don’t have to actually aware him, just need to activate him. To solve this problem I thought of a solution.In today’s world everybody has become self-centered or money-centered. If keeping this in focus, we provoke people to save their earth it’ll prove beneficial.
For ex. we can say TAKE LESS AIR TRIPS: prefer solving problems through phone or e-mail. This can save your money and of course save earth from carbon. This is just an ex. to provoke them. Now the question is- through what means can we aware them? The most suitable way which I thought of is clothing. For GLOBAL WARMING we create an autonomous label or launch a separate range of clothing. The only purpose is to make it popular among people. T-shirts, trousers, caps etc. of latest trends carrying slogans would satisfy the consumer needs as well as solve our problems.