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Green Power to Subways

Co-authors: Anthony Jones

This campaign is two parts:
First part will be marketed to NY city officials urging them to switch to green power in lieu of fossil fuels to power subway stations and trains. The campaign focuses on the ease of switching from traditional power to green power via ConEdison’s solutions program available at a mere 1 cent more per kWh. This would be a grassroots initiative beginning with signed petitions and financial support through the purchase of ‘green power to the subway’ T-shirts. This campaign is expected to be welcomed in New York. Furthermore the Mayor could adopt this idea by will be simply adding the initiative into his green NYC campaign.
The second part will be a marketed to the public through the beautification of a NYC subway station. Once the city has agreed to purchase green power from ConEdison for the subway system, the campaign continues by advertising the use of green power in the subway through an art installation. Greening the subways takes a literal meaning through the use of a moss plants attached to florist foam anchored to plaster with advertisements to visit conedsolutions.com to switch to green power.
Why subways?
Over 4.3 million people ride the NYC subway every day; over 1 billion people go through the turnstiles every year (Source: NYC Metropolitan Transportation Authority).
This campaign is a means of mobilizing action at the local level. It will become an indicator of progress because buying green power is an easily understood concept that scales the large problem of global warming down to the level of an individual and their contributions to the environment. Thus the goal is not only to educate the community on the effects of global warming but to also nurture the relationship between people and the power behind the choices they make.