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by Rowena Tubana
Co-authors: Abigail Capa, Jodi Lego

Icon stands for I contend global warming. This campaign capitalizes on each and everyone’s capacity to contribute in contending global warming. Since fossil fuel has been identified as the major culprit in greenhouse gas emission, the campaign is energy conservation focused. It specifically identifies our power to conserve energy. Each person can and must contribute in order to solve this rapidly emergent problem.
Icon design was used since it can catch attention and can immediately be understood.
The four images are meant to be posters that will encourage people to do their share in addressing the problem. Acts of maintaining car and doing carpooling as well as using natural lignt and ensuring that unused appliance are turned off are simple yet energy conservation measures that all of us can do.
The animation, on the other hand, affirms that every action counts and shows samples of how energy conservation can be done.