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Anti Global Warming Campaign

by shawkash

Target Audience: Industrial countries


Experience Solution Brief:
The memory should collect the following information:
Fact: Global warming, as part of the pollution is reaching an unspecific, not small, part of life.
Users who learn about these facts for the first time:
The viewer should ask if he really is a reason for that.
The viewer should ask how big the extent of the damage which is caused by global warming?
Cultured user:
The viewer should ask if he really is a reason for that.

These questions should be triggered in the viewers mind within one minute from watching the visuals, and it is to remain in his/her memory which could help him/her to carry out a research decision while he/she has spare time for reading in a library or to surf the net using a search engine.

Logo Type Brief/Summary:
The logotype consists of a shield iconography, and a sign associated with energy and power, which are dangerous. It is also a sign of heat.
The shield iconography was made to draw the style of the coat of arms, the shield is the same one that is used for the coat of arms of Greenland, but I have replaced the bear with the other sign I have mentioned.

Resources of information:
How Does Global Warming Affect Wildlife?

Polar bear poster:
Polar bear research shows global warming is real.

Penguin poster:
Penguin Decline Due to Global Warming ?

Monarch butterflies poster:
"Monarch butterflies may lose their winter habitat within 50 years because of climate change, say researchers. "

Fish poster (the goldfish here is an example of fishes):
Group: Global Warming Threatens Fish
Climate change makes fish grow faster: