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stop global warming!

by dorisday
Co-authors: Ewa Przybył

stop global warming! -CO2 depends on YOu !

The more energy is used, the more fossil fuels are burnt in order to fulfill increasing people’s needs. Such a situation has got a great influence on the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. What can be done to stop this process? Of course energy should be saved, which is not so difficult as people may possibly think.
The main idea of this campaign is to popularize „eco-thinking”, mostly among young people, by introducing simple, catchy slogans placed on different, used in everyday life objects (made of eco-friendly or recycled materials). What exactly “everyday life” means to us? For a large majority it is work, house and shopping, so the chosen objects are: stationery products, clothes and underwear and shopping accessories.

RECYCLE & CYCLE – is a line of products used in offices, just like paper clips, document boxes, document folders or binders made of recycled paper (3mm thick).

DRY WITH THE WIND – is a collection, consisting of pieces made of natural organic hemp, which is a quite cheap alternative to synthetic and cotton fiber.

PE+SHOP+BOYS – is a set of shopping accessories (functional shopping bags, key holders, purses etc.) made of PE material.

COVER GIRL! – is a range of products for kitchen use. Aprons, dishcloths, household waste division bins etc., are of course made of PE or organic hemp.
included:Inscriptions telling people how to act to protect the environment.

Some of the slogans, reminding how to protect the environment, would be placed on billboards. Normally it takes a lot of paper and paint to print billboards, which is very expensive and not ecological at all. So the idea is to use recycled paper as the base and half tone print.

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