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by kiera ormut-fleishman

Maintenant is a multimedia campaign that promotes ecological awareness by displaying the air pollution in one’s own community. The system is composed of two parts: its online presence, and the Social Pedometer (So-Ped). The web component acts as the information hub at which one learns about and signs up for the So-Ped. The user is directed to the web site through video advertisements and word of mouth.

The So-Ped device connects directly into one’s mp3 player through the headphone jack. A user connects his/her headphones through the So-Ped to listen to music. The So-Ped monitors air, when there is a higher level of air pollution the So-Ped interrupts the music and triggers a vocal warning followed by a fact.

The So-Ped has been built with a carbon monoxide and methane sensor and a voice chip, and is continually searching the air. If higher levels of gases are detected, the sensor alerts the user (via a Basic stamp and Speakjet chips).

The So-Ped is not meant as a permanent possession, it is a tool that gets passed from person to person. Therefore it does not create waste when one no longer uses it, (after one becomes accustomed to its messages), instead it is passed on to the next online subscriber.

When one signs up online for the So-Ped, he is mailed a one-inch button. This acts as a visual identifier for the exchange. It also indicates that other people exist who are environmentally conscious. The So-Ped leaves its mark, encouraging others to continue acting in an ecologically friendly manner.

Maintenant website: http://www.ineedtobreatheplease.com/maintenant

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