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Save the Snowmen

by Natasha Radosavljevic

I live in the environment where nobody cares about ecology, where politics is the most important thing in our life. Even in countries with great awareness for environment protection, people know all the facts but seem they don’t understand. Nevertheless, we abuse nature trying to be fast, forever young and beautiful.

The most succesfull advertising campaigns are the ones with emotional strength. The most effective way to get to people’s heads is trough their heart.
This campaign is taking us back to childhood, to happy and careless days, and also is looking in the sad future, where our children my not have these happy and careless lives. This campaign also have a humour dosage, and together with emotional touch is the best way to communicate the idea.

Layout and design is homage to now days popular vintage style and also homage to revolutionary posters. The idea for guerilla marketing is proposal how to extend this campaign and also has the emotional momentum.