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Keep it Simple against Global Warming

by maria vainstoc

Keep it Simple against global warming

What does a carrot have to do with global warming or a hanger, or a bag?
The purpose of this carrot is not the carrot itself; it is what this carrot represents. When I see ads against global warming with images of our planet Earth burning or we see factory pipes it seems there isn’t anything we can do against it. I’m not a politician, I’m not a CEO and I don’t even have a high rank at work. So all these images seem so far away to me that put me down and make me feel frustrated. I start to think there isn’t anything I can do as an ordinary person. This campaign appeals to the people, like you and me, who does not have the power to stop all these miserable actions. It helps us contribute against global warming from a real perspective as regular people. It also uses bright-saturated colors, pure and simple as the purpose of the campaign.

Keep It Simple against global warming!