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Check-out Point

by fahrettin ersin alaca
Co-authors: Nurullah Kaya

Shaping the future, children, are the most important part of a society, they have to be educated to solve a prevalent problem threatening society’s survival. Hence, if public awareness of global warming is to be raised, the most efficient approach is children’s education. Check-out Point is a project trying to draw children’s attention into that matter in a fun mode. In contemporary trade system, almost every product has a bar-code, revealing product informations. The project is based on the bar-code info system to show how much carbon was emitted during the production process starting from the acquisition of materials to packing phase. Check-out Point is a projection product which is going to be installed in schools to reach children. The product has an optic reader, scanning the bar-codes of products and a projection head reflecting the result on a surface. The project aims to approach children as if it were a game. Thus children will show interest to the product and will be educated through playing. The reflection will appear with a smiling face when the emission result is below the critical rate. This project, on the other hand, will generate a new challenge area in terms of marketing for companies. They can compete to reach best emission score. The product can also be installed in shopping centers and streets to reach more people including adults.