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by anna szonyi

OBSERVATION is the most effective way to understand the existence, the meaning, and the system of anything in this world. Most people on Earth live through their lives in the same climate zone without having the experience of a totally different one. To appercepate the existence of different weather climates, and the vital conditions of our planets' climatic system is to observe the beauty of its diversity on your skin.
The architectural project is about a half open-air - half covered public-land where human beings can experience the variacy of different climatic conditions: different mixes of the proportion of heat, water wapour, wind, light, spatial-dimensions, and vegetable-life.

"Lightness, unconcrete mass, emergence, transparency, liquidity, fluidity, fluxation and flow" are the principals of its' architectural design concept.
The system is a huge raster of several slight vertical stainless steel lattice frame panels, and a horizontal negative form, a long slot through the frame panels. The inner side of this slot is the house of the extreme climatic zones - hot-cold-dry-humid, the open-air place around is the place of the temperate climate zones. The whole complex works like an organism, an autonom eko-system.

A promenade through this climate demonstration area gives very much like the same observation of travelling through all the climatic zones around the Earth. There is no better way to understand the universal problems that are inducated by global warming than confronting them with the lost paradise in a new architectural declaration: a climate reservatum.