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Adopt, save

by yvan teypaz

"Adopt, save" is a display campaign which addresses the general public of cities or the suburb.
A strong visual which entice the eyes, no "visual pollution" around it, only the slogan "adopt, save" and legal notices. This visual borrows from the language of fashion and documentary. The slogan plays fun ("adopt an iceberg, save the water") to entice the sympathy.

It is not a question of forcing to the repulsive figures and even less of making feel guilty people, but to help them to become aware that they can participate in the saving of the planet in their daily gestures. They are not the culprits, they are the heroes !

The concept can be developed around a complete range of visuals and medias. I present two ideas : save the water so that it does not become the jewel of the next century ; save the energies not to reclaim the nature. They are put in situation as public posters, they can also participate in a press campaign or an other one.