Heated issue

Competition Details


by vladimir opsenica

• This advertising campaign should be carried out in several stages.

• A thin red film should be placed over the primary poster/billboard
• Also, small thin stickers should be added one by one as the campaign progresses, to indicate the increase in temperature on a thermometer, until the person is split in half. This way only two posters are required, the primary and the final one.
• At the same time, one additional poster calls people to act by giving them 10 simple instructions about how to change attitudes toward global warming. It can be placed on the opposite side of bus station box.

• The campaign draws attention to the general problem of global warming, builds awareness, and points out that every individual is affected by global warming. Also, it would promote web page with additional information what every person can do (example: www.what-can-I-do.com)

• The campaign can easily and creatively be applied to billboards, baners, animations, web pages, TV advertisements, brochures, magazines, postcards, ice-cream sticks, etc.

• Ice-cream stick gives the short history of global warming and tells people information “after 2050. there will not be ICE CAPS”. That message can be seen after you finished your ice cream.